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Open a new horizon of digital commerce capabilities together with Raccoon

Raccoon Helps High-End Ecommerce Companies Increase Profits Through Digital Transformation

Consulting Services

With more than 10 years of delivering success to our clients, we have the experience to design a comprehensive, strategic roadmap for your online success—regardless of your current platform. No matter your audience or industry, we are equipped to be your guide and helping hand through the complex world of digital commerce.

Backend Development

Raccoon team of certified developers has built 20+ sites and 30+ customizations and integrations. Whether you need a proven solution integrator to launch your new site, a trusted partner to lead backend development and data migration services Raccoon has a team that can help.

Front-End Development

Loads fast, looks great, works without a tiny hiccup – here is how your launched product will look like.
We are creating interfaces that people love. Each product is made with great care to make it look awesome good on large iMac screens and mobile devices.

Ecommerce Strategy

We take into account every digital behavior as we analyze your data to unlock new ideas and opportunities that can be leveraged to drive stronger results for your business. Our abilities include: ecommerce digital campaign management, email marketing strategy, reporting, organic SEO, paid SEO


The solution architect team combines extensive experience within commerce with expert knowledge of the digital commerce solutions to assess your current status, identify gaps and opportunities, and make recommendations across technology, marketing, and merchandising.

Analytics Integration

Successful businesses are measuring by different KPIs. Merchants are using relevant data and metrics to help the business and the customers to reach their goals. Our services include the integration of analytic reporting via: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, internal platform metrics, email vendor data, etc.

Why us

“Think about the result and don’t worry about the how.”

We know «HOW» the aim can be reached by analyzing data to achieve those things that matter most to our customers and apply to them our extensive experience.


Our team consists of experienced, certified digital commerce practitioners who have used ecommerce products on daily basis.

We think about your business as if it were our own, and develop pragmatic strategies that make profit and sense for your business.


Whether you are launching a site or integrating a feature, you will need to know how you are going to identify the problem, find out a solution and will implement it.
You can improve your problem-solving skills by… or
Just leave it for us



Raccoon is a digital consulting agency and e-commerce service provider with capabilities that span consulting, solution providing, creative, systems integrator, and technology services. We combine proven methodologies, deep technical expertise to create digital commerce experiences that engage and convert consumers and buyers across channels and devices. We work with best-of-breed technologies and provide our clients with innovative solutions that address complex business problems.

We are consultants and architects, designers and analytics, developers and technologists with a passion for retail and digital commerce. Together, we work as one team to inspire and empower our clients to achieve and exceed their goals and ambitions.


RESPONSIBLE team of professionals quickly respond to any clients request and solve difficulties.

ADVANCED way of getting things done. We are flexible to waterfall your project or agile it. It is the matter of your decision.

CREATIVE people would bring a new vision of your product in the competitive market.

CONFIDENT in commitment. This is what we are proud.

Client ORIENTED. Clients are in the first place! We are trying to be a part of your team.

ORIGINAL solutions highlight us from many others.

NECESSARY experience is what we need to become your partner in digital commerce implementation.